Kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home, especially in a country like Pakistan where people love to cook and relish gravies and variety of other dishes. It is why kitchen renovations are done very frequently across Pakistan.

According to a rough estimate, more than two million kitchens were renovated across Pakistan in 2015. So if you are one of many people planning to remodel the kitchen, make sure you do not rush into the remodel job without planning.

Whether it’s kitchen remodeling or entire home’s renovation, you need proper budget and planning to make it successful. Most of all, you need to acquire the services of premier interior decorators in Pakistan like AmerAdnan® Associates that has designed and built innumerable kitchens for local and foreign clients.

Here is a guide from AmerAdnan® that will acquaint you with four kitchen renovation mistakes which often burst homeowners’ budget.

1: Not Hiring a Qualified Interior Designer

Although a wide majority of homeowners across Pakistan realize the significance of hiring a professional interior designer, still some of them pay little heed to it.

This results in lack of planning and proper budget allocation and consequently bursts their budget. In contrast, an experienced interior decorator ensures your budget is used wisely. The fee you pay to an interior designer therefore, never goes to drain.

2: Skipping the Background Check

Even though, modern day people well know of different checks related to design and architecture, still a lot of them fails to consider the most important thing, background check of interior designer.

Reports suggest that over 80% of the interior decorators in Pakistan are unqualified and offering services without bearing any license.

Only qualified and registered interior decorators such as AmerAdnan should be trusted when it comes designing or constructing your home or rooms.

The Lahore-based architecture company is one of the few professionally qualified and licensed interior designers in Pakistan.

3: Signing an Open-Ended Contract

The biggest mistake majority of the people commit is they sign no contract with the interior designer, who is remodeling or designing their kitchen.

The right approach is to bring every possible thing related to kitchen redesign project in black and white and get it signed by the interior designer.

Contract should also include approximate completion date as well as the estimated budget requirement.

4: Getting Hung Up on a Single Object

To ensure a successful kitchen renovation project, homeowners must spend allocated budget judiciously. Make sure you do not get hung up on a single element and exhaust all your budget on it.

For instance, spending too much money on lighting could later require you to compromise on the quality of cabinets or maybe the sanitary fittings.