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4 Ideas to Personalize Your Office Space

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5 years ago

Redesigning the workspace can break the monotony and add more energy to the environment. Interior decorators have some handy tips on how to transform a boring work desk into a bright and energetic station. Personalizing any given space where you spend approximately 40 hours of your week is not only a good idea but one that is necessary to keep you motivated to come back. Here are a few ways to add a personal touch to your workstation.

Colour up the walls

Cubicles often have a standard boring gray for their walls or partitions. Colour can not only bring with it a unique vibe but can also help to enhance creativity at work. You may consider putting up coloured fabric or patterned wall paper on your cubicle wall to make it livelier. To bring in more energy, you can consider using patterns of red, blue or orange. Add a small plant to your desk to brighten up the mood and add some serenity.

Stay clutter free

It is always a good idea to have a neatly organized workspace. Clutter always signifies confusion, mismanagement and stressful working habits. If you can picture a neat, well-sorted workstation every morning in your mind, chances are that you will be more motivated to go to work as opposed to a piled up desk! Removing clutter and having an organized workspace will help clear the mind and keep you relaxed.

Make it your second home

Accessorizing your workstation with things or memories that are important to you give you the drive needed to be productive. A small gift you got from your spouse, a card your son made or just some inspirational quotes that are up on the soft board can personalize your space and act as constant reminders of everything that you have.

Focus on function

As you personalize the workspace, remember to always display professionalism with the choices you make. Regardless of how you style up your space, you must keep in mind the reason why you are there and have things that will help you in your work. For instance, have some DIY storage boxes where you can keep record files and papers, some funky organizers or pen holders to go on the table and colourful desk containers or paper trays that compliment the rest of your arrangement and décor.

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