Top interior designers believe that a patio occupies a special place in any home, as it is envisaged by the residents to act as a tranquil space that would make them forget about all their worries once they have a cup of tea there after a long and tiring day. The patio, therefore, is a pacifying bastion for you and your family. Here, you will explore four captivating decor concepts for your patio!

Dense Overhead Planting


In an enclosed outdoor patio, having dense overhead planting is a great concept. Garden furniture, which is primarily a light dining table with chairs, could be enclosed from above with distantly-placed thin, wood planks. The next step would be to either hang short branches of garden shrubbery to these planks, or densely swirl around ivy vines. A tastefully styled candle-light chandelier from above, would add to the warmth and serenity of this space. A set of twinkling lanterns and table tea lights would further add to the illumination at night and bedeck this patio with an elegant aura.

Playing with the Floor

Floor Plan

The patio does not have to be all-natural-elements just because it is an outdoor space. You can be as creative in your approach with regards to the décor. A great concept is that of having geometric shapes for your floor tiles in the patio, instead of inlaying it with grass or engraving wooden flooring. For the tiles, you could choose a pop of brightness, completely out of touch from the rest of the patio’s thematic color scheme. For instance if your furniture and walls are grey or white, you could go with joyous blue for your tiles. It is a completely individual preference about the color you decide to choose for your geometric floor tiles, all you need to make sure is that it adds that stripe of cheerful contrast to the space!

One Bold Theme

Interior Design

If mixing and matching colors is not in tandem with your aesthetic sensibility, then architectural firms in Lahore recommend to choose one bold, statement color for your patio. For instance, rich indigo, is one such statement color. Flash this in the cushions you have on the sofa/chairs, add scented candles fashioned out of this beautiful shade or team it with purple Datura and some lush green leaves in the planters on the sides. If you have tiled flooring and this is an enclosed patio, you could couple the entire theme with a nice rug that holds this bold shade playing on it in striped alternations. This would add a bliss to the graceful flair of your patio.

Expressive Accessories  


Aesthetically, modern interior decorators encourage the addition of garden statues in the patio. You could be as expressive as possible with the accessories you choose for this space. An overall cohesive scheme could be disturbed with a splash of pink herons that have outstretched wings, or garden cranes in bronze. Think of adding such accessories as being synonymous to adding an artistic touch that perfectly enhances the envisioned theme and mood of your patio.

Try these ideas for decorating a patio you yearn to come home to each day.