If you think 2016 was slightly unpredictable for home design and interiors, then beware 2017 is looking to push the boundaries even further. At least, that’s what design team at AmerAdnan Associates is seeing with their trend prediction for the coming year. From jaw-dropping colors to unusual textures, homeowners will see some astounding new trends in 2017. First and foremost, we will point out the “three trends” that are going to fade away in the New Year.

1: Antique is Out

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Finally, the pressure is off when it comes to pairing those antique pieces in your abode with pieces from the same era. Interior designers in Lahore will no longer design an entire space or let alone an entire house with a strict period in view. While it’s good to have a specific era in mind when you start out to design a house, there is no need to adhere to it fully in 2017. To make your space aesthetically intriguing, you need to create a look that cohesively combines elements from the past and future.

2: Oversized Furniture is a Thing of the Past

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Having a bigger space is a premium. In 2017, creative and efficient use of space will become more significant. This will make oversized furniture a thing of the past as it serves to overwhelm by inefficiently using a space. So homeowners will be seeing furniture that is either scaled to their space.

3: Metal Brush Have Had its Day

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Burnished or industrial looking metal has passed its prime. The coming New Year will be the year of a resurgence as homeowners will witness the revival of warm and shiny metals such as bronze and gold. With these warm and shiny metals, homeowners will be able to lend elegance to their spaces.