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3 Reasons Why Painting Your Interior Trim Black is a Good Idea

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8 years ago

While painting the walls, ceilings and doors at your new or renovated home, you need considering a number of facts that would directly affect your behavior and moods. The brighter paint shades have a different impact on the people living within a house whereas the darker shades have their own. While having a look at the contemporary interior design trends, the interior designers and construction companies in Lahore as well as in all other parts of the world are using black color for paints as a contrast at homes as well as in commercial settings.

A number of people around the world are not yet aware of the numerous benefits of painting the ceilings and doors at home black. AmerAdnan who is one of the leading construction and interior design experts in Pakistan is of the opinion that black remains as a timeless neutral however it needs to be utilized in moderation. This trick has the potential to energize your home/office interior and at the same time hide visual imperfections. Below are a few reasons why painting your moldings, baseboards and casings back is a good idea:

Reference: Basic Principles of Color Painting a House

It Energizes the Space

Energizes the SpaceThe high contrast between white & black color energizes your space and creates an eye-opening environment. According to the interior design experts around the world, the contrast of black and white colors promotes fresh and positive approach for the people who reside within. AmerAdnan is of the opinion that going with the softer tones on the walls, ceiling and trim would allow more soothing atmosphere. At places like dining rooms where you mostly have parties etc. it is a great idea to paint trim black in. However, this contrasting is not sensible for bathrooms.

It Hides Imperfections

Hides ImperfectionsWhether you are renovating your old home or are planning to finish up the new one, making use of the darker shade i.e. black would help you spend minimum budget on fighting the imperfections and uneven surfaces. In this regard, the expert interior designers recommend a darker stain over the painting since it holds up better. The ebonized stain neutralizes the surface and hides all kinds of lack of beauty. In addition, we must keep in mind that painting a darker paint on a lighter one is much easier. Besides, it is also a great idea to use black wallpaper to hide all the imperfections on the wall.

It Creates Graphic Look & Hides Scuff Marks

The contrasting of black and white color helps creating a graphic look inside your home/office. Many interior designers make use of black trim to transform a plain space into a graphical one. With the help of a hard black outline, the interior designers usually highlight and define shapes and make them bolder. Besides, the darker shade helps hiding those scuff marks. The darker shades tend to be more forgiving when it comes to houses with pets and kids. However, it is to be kept in mind that the black color tends to show dust a lot more than the lighter shade.