A home with a professionally decorated interior affects positively on its occupants and this is not all; it also ensures great practicability. Before you get started with the paint job, it’s important to spend a bit of time thinking about the living habits of your family members.

One of the best ideas is to look through AAA’s home interior designs for inspiration and grab some décor ideas that best define your aesthetics. Also make a list of things that make you feel good; like colors, design patterns and fragrances so that you may introduce them in your home décor.

This would perhaps give you a clue to the mood you’re looking for in your home. This is how you ensure a well-planned and decorated living space.

As for the rest, let’s start with the function.

1: Function

As already mentioned above, home decoration is more than just the eye appeal. It is about making a living space really work for you. In order to ensure functionality, we’ll understand from element to element:

The Focal Point: Some rooms naturally have a focal point, which may be a fireplace, a window with a great view or maybe an integrated bookshelf. Make sure that every room in your house has a focal point. If there’s nothing special in a room, create one with a dynamic piece of art.

Just Right Furniture: Make sure that the furniture placed in every room of your house is right according to the requirements. Unnecessary furniture in a room would never make it look good; instead it would create an impractical and cluttered space.

The Lighting: Lighting plays primary role in enhancing a room’s visual appeal. This is the reason why professional interior designers in Pakistan and across the world, make use of spot lighting instead of direct lighting. This not only hides the uneven surfaces and oddities in the room but also makes the lighting pleasing to the eyes

2: Mood

Did you know that colors have a great impact on a person’s moods? The home interior designers always make sure that they make the choice of colors that ensure happy dwellers. There are many different factors you need to address when setting a mood. Read on to know about these factors.

Getting an Inspiration: The best way to decorate your room is to start off with some kind of design inspiration. The inspiration may come from another room, a commercial setting, a home décor magazine or from just about anywhere. One thing you need to make sure is it should make you feel good when you look at it. It’s the basis for selecting your theme, colors, patterns and textures.

Choosing the Right Theme: Analyze your inspiration piece and develop a theme name for it. By being descriptive with the theme name, you will have a plenty of ideas hitting your mind about how you can decorate your home.

The Color Cues: It is really important for the color cues to support a room’s theme. Most of the times, the colors which are the most appropriate, are found in patterns and designs of an inspiration piece. The best idea is to choose three colors in a room, which include the most dominant color to be used for the wall, followed by the secondary color for the furniture and carpet/flooring and the accent color used for adding energy to the room.

Patterns & Texture: The floral, checks, plaids and stripes are a few of the patterns you need to consider in order to add to your home’s theme. The interior decorators in Pakistan consider mixing patterns, a really good idea, as far as all the patterns share the same color.

Furniture: The role of furniture is significant when it comes to enhancing a home’s theme. By salvaging the furniture with slipcovers, paint or tablecloth, one can make sure that furniture adds to making our mood more pleasant than ever.

3: Personality

By putting your personal stamp on your home’s interior, you can ensure happy living for good. A few strategies that can help us mold our home’s interior according to our personality include:

Accessorizing the Rooms: Some people are more inclined towards antiques while others prefer contemporary living style. If you are an admirer of antiques, the best idea is to accessorize your home with antique picture frames, pottery and paintings. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to make use of modern accessories such as contemporary rugs, digital photo frames, LED lamps and a lot more.

Whimsy: Creating an attractive country sitting room by placing a playful quilt over the fireplace may get you the whimsical feel you are expecting. The experts suggest that your interest doesn’t always have to be whimsical. I could also simply be something unexpected in a room, may it be a brightly-painted ceiling or an unusually colored feature wall.

If you were to get your sweet home decorated, which options would you go for?