Though construction basics remain the same, but building patterns and techniques keep on changing and these fluctuations are even faster in this modern era where technology and knowledge keep on introducing innovations. The actual purpose of adopting the new trends of construction is to make living style as convenient and luxurious as possible. An outstanding house layout not only helps you enjoy a well standard living, but also depicts your architectural palate.

Besides enjoying a better living style, people also create model houses to show their status symbols. Homeowners, who acquire the services of high standard architectural firms like Amer Adnan Associates®, which is an international award winning construction firm, expect to get their home designed in a way that it has no match in the vicinity or surrounding areas.

Plenty of layouts can be created for a house provided, but a personal touch in the design adds more uniqueness. Usually, homes constructed in housing societies bear same design which makes it tough for people to differentiate between them. For instance, five marla houses in a housing society perhaps have similar design, but ten marla houses in the same locality are likely to have different layouts.

However, the pattern varies from society to society or location to location, as every housing scheme makes an effort to introduce more innovative and convenient designs. So they could meet buyers’ expectations and attract more of them. Here, we have shared some unique construction designs, which are not only creating waves at international level, but in Pakistan as well.

1. International Layout

People in Pakistan are more inclined towards following international designs for their houses, as it gives them that unique and modern look they long for. These designs help people create evergreen architectures. It is why designing firms are still using these layouts from 70s.  This kind of construction layout does not let you view the compartmentalization of a building. Its uniqueness comes from large glass doors and windows which gives it a royal look.

Its individuality also lies in the fact that instead of the regular cement and brick, cement blocks are used for their construction in Pakistan, later which are joined with the rock tiles to create a modish look. The best thing about international layouts is they include insulation plan, which prevents the inner temperature of the homes from rising or decreasing during extreme weathers. Generally, such designs are used to construct houses in hilly areas of Pakistan.

2. American Foursquare

This unique house layout follows special geometric patterns, which makes it different from the rest. It is this uniqueness that has made American foursquare pattern an evergreen layout. The distinctive design has long roots in the history and it is still used in Pakistan and other parts of the world to construct houses. It is an ideal design for those, who want to utilize maximum space. It also enables homeowners to make lofts and that too in a square pattern. 

3. Ranch-Style House

Here in Pakistan people may not get to see many traditional ranch-style houses as compared to the west, but its single story pattern is still very much followed in the country. Even though the demand for double storey houses has rapidly increased in Pakistan. Yet, people love to adopt this layout when it comes to designing their farm houses.