Changing times demand modern and up to date ideas that are not only innovative in terms of design but also ensure more comfort and ease. Construction companies in Lahore are constantly working towards bringing the most popular yet unique ideas to people in Pakistan. Some of the most liked house plans which smart builders and savvy homeowners look for have been listed below.

Open Rooms

Regardless of the overall size of the home construction site, homeowners are always demanding spacious areas within the house. Having open spaces especially by the entrance of the house provides an illusion of an overall area that seems much larger than what it theoretically may be. Many modern house designs no longer have spaces marked as the ‘family room’ or ‘living room’. Today an ideal home design includes a ‘great room’. The concept of having a great room entails an open kitchen, the family room and sometimes a dining area in one, large space. Some homeowners prefer a semi-formal great room which even includes the formal dining area along with a luxurious sitting area.

Textured Surface

Another very popular trend these days is having textured surfaces. When we talk about textured surfaces, interior designers in Pakistan not only receive demands of having textured floors outside the house but also within the premises of the home. Having floors that are textured brings about an organic and natural feel to the house. A creative mixture of stone and sidings on the exterior can help create a vintage look for the house.  People also prefer textured counter-tops and cabinets rather than smooth surfaces – there seems to be a very high demand for natural stone and textured woods.

Natural Light

Regardless of the many fancy light fixtures that are now available, architects in Pakistan constantly have had to ensure natural lighting in different parts of the house – including bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows of skylights which allow natural light have become an all-time favourite and one of the most appealing factors for clients. Even if the overall house layout is narrow, homeowners can’t get enough of natural lighting options. Although it may be slightly tricky when it comes to maintenance, undoubtedly natural lighting gives your house a much lively feel throughout the year.