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3 Modern Interior House Designs that Impress

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3 years ago

A new year can usher in a new beginning, which is why many homeowners opt for a style update around November and December. Whether they choose the ‘D-I-Y’ approach or enlist the services of an experienced interior decorator in Pakistan, the purpose is to bring fresh energy into their living spaces. If you ask an architectural design professional, they will tell you that clients tend to take inspiration from either their past, such as a vacation home up in the hills, or from a favourite television series for a design project.

Here are a few popular interior design concepts as well as the type of residences they work the best in:

Go Traditional with South Asian Haveli Style
Residence Type: Farmhouse or Vacation Home
Colour Palette: Earthy colours like sienna, camel, tan, gray-green, umber, and ochre.


South Asian architecture is easily identified by the focus on breezy corridors, open courtyards with multiple openings, and ornate window features called jharokas. Contemporary designers are often influenced by the fabrics, materials, and furniture designs from the Mughal dynasty’s reign. Those looking to renovate functional spaces, like the study or the formal living room, can refer to the Anglo-Indian era. That was when most furniture was made from mahogany wood with ebony or bone inlay. Some interior designers may opt for a roshandaan or a clerestory, which is a window that functions as an air vent and a skylight simultaneously. For those interested in ‘making a grand entrance’, hand-carved Swati doors are the way to go.

Adopt a Minimalist, Scandinavian Look
Residence Type: Apartment/Penthouse
Colour Palette: Standard neutral shades of black, white, grey, and some muted greens or browns.


An easy way to spot Scandinavian-style interior design is by looking for white walls, crisp lines, and clutter-free spaces. Those keen on adopting a minimalist look for their homes can begin by removing all vibrant patterns, and dark woods. This particular design philosophy is based on simplicity, functionality and the use of all-natural materials like leather, metal, or wood. Typically, furniture made according to Scandinavian design principles features a mix of metallic and wooden finishes. The stark, mostly neutral colour palette is established by the use of light-coloured flooring. The bare-bones aesthetic is balanced out by living plants and vases full of fresh flowers.

Embrace a Life of Luxury with a French Palatial Aesthetic
Residence Type: Villa/Townhouse
Colour Palette: Molten gold tones coupled with reds, greens, and blues.


If one aspires to the lush environs of the royals, they should go for the French Baroque or palatial design style. Heavily influenced by France’s King Louis XIV and his Palace of Versailles, the French Baroque aesthetic hinges on comfort and glitz. Velvets and silks, in the form of rich drapery, compete with crystals and mirrors, such as chandeliers, to capture the visitor’s attention. Other typical accessories include miniature sculptures, ottomans, consoles, and dewans. Sculpted sofas are paired with soft cushions and surrounded by gold-accented wallpaper. A defining characteristic of the French Baroque style is the opulent, multi-layered style of accessorising rooms, which includes everything from curtains to the bedchambers.

While any of the previous design styles can enhance a house’s personality, do resist the urge to combine different features. Staying loyal to a particular design concept will ensure a satisfying result for the inhabitants. While we have been focused on the interior, these can be readily applied to the exterior of modern home designs in Pakistan.

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