Whether or not you are passionate about home interior decoration, you would always love to make it look like a million bucks. This is the reason why there’s always a high demand of interior designers and decorators around the world. While the home decor enthusiasts spend millions of rupees on making their homes look amazing, others are always in a hunt for inexpensive ways to create a WOW factor! AmerAdnan® who’s one of the top-known interior designers in Pakistan is of the opinion that all the luxury homes in Lahore are not a result of heavy investments; majority of them are decorated intelligently by making a unique mix and match of various inexpensive products. Please read below to know about three out of many ideas for making your home look remarkable on a budget.

Let Triptych do the Magic

TriptychThey say that three is a magic number and to give an instant uplift to any room’s wow factor, the expert designers recommend trio-paneled art. This style has its roots in the ancient Greece and has turned out to be one of the most amazing methods of presenting artwork. This idea can really help set you back a pretty penny but only if you make it yourself. You may also download a high resolution painting from the internet and get it printed in three parts (panels) from a local printing company. This print-out would be later framed to hang on the wall.

Create a Focal Point in Every Room

Focal Point in Every RoomThere is no doubt about the fact that every room in your home needs a focal point. This focal point could be an antique, an eye catching decoration piece on a mantel or a shelf, a carpet on a wall or a feature wall in a room. You can get an inexpensive decoration piece made out of faux wood, bronze or metal to give an amazing effect. Moreover, a carpet on a wall or a feature wall made out of textured wallpaper that doesn’t cost much, can help creating wow factor. In majority of the contemporary landmark construction in Pakistan, we see spotlights playing primary role in creating wow factor. So, it is the best practice to make use of spotlights to highlight the focal point in your room.

Faux Ceiling Beams and Wall Panels

To give your home, a truly astounding look, it is always a great idea than to install faux ceiling beams and wall panels. The faux ceiling beams are best method for adding country character. You may make use of faux ceiling beams for adding an artistic touch or you may also use them for hiding any kind of unsightly pipes or imperfections on your room’s ceilings. The most popular are the wooden faux ceilings. Another great idea to make use of thin hardwood sheets or half inch MDF panels to create faux panels on the walls.