Winter is just around the corner and many of us are thinking about cost efficient ways of keeping the house warm. Most of the modern houses constructed in Pakistan involves insulation of walls and a lot more to keep homes warm during winters and cold in summers. But those living in older homes are the ones who really have to bear the pain in both seasons. Keeping this issue in mind, which is faced by many of us these days, here are some feasible ideas to help you keep the house warm during the fast approaching winter season.

1: Close the Curtains at Night

It is a fact that the windows let in more radiant energy during the daytime as the sunlight enters through the windows and help to keep the house warm. This is why most of us keep the curtains open during the day time, however, during the night, it is strictly advised to keep the curtains closed as the windows can get extremely cold.

Close the Curtains at Night

Especially, the single-glazed windows which most of us have in Pakistan. Closing curtains or lowering window blinds would surely allow you to minimize the heat loss and make your home feel cosier.

2: Cover the Walls

A professional architecture company in Pakistan would always advise you to use solid brick or stone walls as they insulate the walls far better than the glass. However, no matter how thick they are, both brick and stone still get cold during the peak winter season and let a great deal of heat to go out. According to the home insulation experts, a framed picture hanging on an external wall is approx. 1.5°C warmer than the bare wall.

Cover the Walls

To minimize energy loss through walls, it is recommended that you cover them with pictures and mirrors. Although it’s not possible to cover every external wall with a picture or mirror, but doing so intelligently can not only help keeping the house warm but also add a lot to your home’s decor. Do you know, even a single poster adds a layer of insulation and helps raise the internal temperature by 1°C.

3: Relocate Your Furniture

Whether you live on the ground floor or an upper floor, how warm you feel in your room depends on where exactly you are in it. Although the air temperature is the same throughout your room, you can feel a lot warmer if you position yourself closer to the centre of the house.

Relocate Your Furniture

The reason being is external walls remain extremely cold during the winter. For instance, if your bed’s headboard is next to an external wall, you could be prone to getting a stiff neck. So it is wise to reposition your furniture as soon as the winter arrives and make sure it is closer to internal walls than the external walls.

So these were some cost efficient and practical ideas that can help you to keep your sweet home warm in winters. If you have any other ideas, please share them with us in the comments keeping below.