The flooring you choose could make a major impact on the overall appearance of your home. The contemporary flooring could enhance the value of your entire home and in case you intend selling your home, you will experience definite raise in its value. Living in the twenty first century, you can find a wide range of flooring to choose from. In fact, it has become quite a tough task for people to choose the best flooring for their homes, since every type of floor is suitable in its own way for a different environment and all floor types have their own pros and cons. The Architecture companies in Pakistan also prefer fancy floors for all the newly constructed homes because of the beauty and elegance they add is worth the cost. Here are some popular kinds of floors for you to choose from:

Hardwood Flooring

This kind of flooring has always been and is still one of the most popular floors across the world. The hardwood flooring provides a unique blend of exquisiteness along with sturdiness. The leading architecture companies in Pakistan such as Amer Adnan Associates also recommend hardwood flooring to their clients. You can choose from a wide variety of hardwood floors for your home which include Walnut, Oak, Pine, Pecan, Maple, Cherry, Birch, Hickory and many more. The hardwood floors are wear resistant and can be conveniently re-polished even after years to look just like brand new. Besides, they do not shrink or expand like other artificial floors.

Ceramic Tiles

If you are searching for flooring type for your kitchen, washroom, living room or any other area of your home where you require waterproofing as well as endless strength, ceramic tiles can turn out as the best choice for you. The ceramic tiles are also an excellent choice for outdoor flooring because they can withstand water and all kinds of intense environmental conditions. You can find the ceramic tiles in matte finish, embossing, glazed-finish and textured ceramic tiles for anti-slip feature. The ceramic tiles are also scratch resistant and last for decades.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the low cost yet long lasting solutions for homes as well as for the commercial places. The laminate floors are easier to clean and maintain. Due to their hardwearing nature, laminated floors can resist environmental effects such as scratches, burns, chipping and much more. The areas with a lot of foot traffic such as living room or reception areas at hotels, restaurants or any other commercial places are also often found with laminated floors just for the reason that they are hard wearing and can be replaced anytime. You should hire the services of the best interior designer in Pakistan to make sure that he recommends the floors that best fit your requirements, for each of your rooms.

Apart from these three most popular types of floors, you can find many more such as marble flooring, bamboo flooring, vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring and many more. You should consult an expert interior designer so as to guide you about pros and cons of each type of floor, before you finally make a decision.