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3 Budget Friendly Ways to Revive Your Dated Kitchen

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5 years ago

Sometimes it becomes necessary to give certain parts of your house a facelift without going through the hassle of a complete overhaul. The kitchen is an essential part of any household and should nevertheless be worth spending time in. Reviving your kitchen in its entirety can be a costly project to take up, however, architects in Lahore have shortlisted some ways whereby you can change the way your kitchen looks without having to give it a total refit. Here are a few budget friendly ways of refreshing your kitchen.

Additional Lighting

Most kitchens fall short of one essential element that gives an instant boost to how the place feels and looks like – lights. If you are reviving a dated kitchen, this is probably the best place to start – install a few light fixtures underneath the cabinets. Install dimmer switches if you like adjusting the brightness as per your mood. You can also consider lighting up the countertop with a warm yellow tone for a dramatic accent. This is easy to install and a low cost way of giving your dated kitchen a facelift.

Cozy Sitting Corner

Most modern house designs include spacious kitchens because architects appreciate the fact that a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. Having a basic sitting provision in the kitchen will add more comfort to the room and also bring more character and depth to the space. A simple and economical way of creating a sitting area in the kitchen is to utilize the existing area around the window. A window seat can be a cozy and stylish incorporation in the kitchen and the space can be very well utilized for both sitting as well as storage purpose. You can also use old kitchen cabinets, if you wish to replace them, by combining them to form a sitting area on their top while the cabinets themselves can be used for storage purposes. A few fluffy, colourful cushions and some flower pots on the window can help enhance the cozy sitting space in your kitchen.

Cabinet Crowns

Cabinets are perhaps the most expensive investment when it comes to kitchens. If you want to give your kitchen a facelift in a cost-effective manner, then a smart thing to do would be to add cabinet crowns. Crown moldings make your kitchen cabinets look fancy and expensive giving them a classic style and adding to your kitchen’s persona. This is a simple two-step process; first, put the molding on a hardwood frame and attach it to the top of the cabinet and then, attach the crown from the back side. This also gives a very smooth and neat finish on the outside as there are no visible nails hammered.

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