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Construction & Design Guide: Trends in 2021 for Swimming Pool Construction

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2 weeks ago

As the temperatures begin to rise, the idea of a swimming pool in your backyard gets more and more appealing, but in order for this investment to have the greatest value, you need to spend some time creating the best design. Owning a swimming pool comes with its fair share of time, effort, and extra expense. A pool requires constant commitment and effort to keep the water stable and clean. The most popular swimming pool option is an outdoor pool; however, an indoor swimming pool looks equally fascinating!

Check out these top 2021 trends in swimming pools and the easiest way to design a perfect pool for your family.

Important Planning Considerations for Swimming Pool Construction by Architects in Pakistan


  • The layout of your property is the very first thing to consider when designing a swimming pool. How much room do you have and what is the best location for a pool?
  • If your house has a septic system, be sure you are well beyond both the tank and the weeping tile or septic bed.
  • Consider the existing grade and drainage issues which will have a major effect on the pool placement.
  • Remember that you will need a deck around the pool, generally a minimum of 4 feet wide around the perimeter with a minimum 10 foot extension on one end.

Types of Pools

Types of Pools
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The following pool types must be studied carefully before deciding on the type of pool which will suit your house best:

  • Above Ground Pools: These pools are less expensive and less permanent – when your family is finished using them, above ground pools can be dismantled with minimal effort. They come in rectangular or hexagon shape. Construction Materials Used for Above Ground Pools: Metal or fiberglass walls that are covered with a vinyl liner and placed on a bed of sand and/or gravel.
  • On Ground Pools: These pools have the same basic construction as above ground pools, except that they are partially recessed into the yard to create a more built in look. The cost runs a little higher than above ground models, but you have much more flexibility with design and landscaping around the pool. An on-ground pool with a pool deck surrounded can create essentially the same look as an in-ground model for a fraction of the cost. On grounds are somewhat easily dismantled, but the yard must be properly graded both beforehand and after the pool is taken down.
  • In Ground Pools: This option is the most permanent and most expensive, but will provide the optimum swimming pool oasis in your yard. You can complement an in-ground pool with a built-in outdoor kitchen, a hot tub, fountains and even a waterfall. The design is limited only by space and your budget. In ground pools are the designer’s choice and offer the most options for features, sizes and shapes. Construction Materials Used for In Ground Pools: These are excavated into your yard and either a vinyl liner is laid or a concrete form is poured.

Different Installations as Per Home Construction Company in Pakistan

Different Installations as Per Home Construction Company in Pakistan
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When looking at installing swimming pools you should first consider the type of swimming pool that you want to install. Above-ground pools are the easiest to install but are not as durable or aesthetically pleasing. Poured concrete pools are the most difficult but a gunite pool provides the same benefits of durability and the ability to come in a variety of different styles and shapes.

  • Fiberglass pools are professionally installed in such a way that they will bring a prefabricated pool basin to your home. Dig the appropriate size hole for it and prepare the hole with sand, and plumbing. The pool basin will then be lowered into this hole. Fiberglass pools also often have a concrete deck structure around them.
  • Vinyl-lined in-ground pools are very similar to above-ground pools and the swimming pool installers will dig a hole and place sand at the bottom of it, then prepare metal, plastic or wood walls and cover them with vinyl. This option is cheaper than other in-ground pools but does not last as long, and the lining needs to be replaced about once every ten years. A layer of wall foam should be installed beneath the vinyl liner and it should be secured in place with wall foam adhesive. Wall foam is a type of foam padding that helps create a smooth surface. It also protects the liner against punctures and corrosion. This crucial step will increase the durability and stability of the liner.
  • Gunite swimming pools are a popular choice today and are installed by creating a framework of steel reinforcing rods known as rebar rods. This framework is built within a hole the correct size for the swimming pool and then the framework is sprayed with a heavy coating of gunite. The gunite surface is then smoothed and left for a week before a smooth finish, such as plaster, is added. These pools are more durable than other types of swimming pools and can be designed in various different styles and shapes.

Design Features & Maintenance

Design Features & Maintenance
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The kind of swimming pool that you choose must be compatible with the landscape of your house. This is for aesthetic purposes and outdoor living purposes. If you live in a more temperate climate you will have to have a plan for your swimming pool during the winter months. There are plenty of options on the market that include hard or soft shell pool covers and seasonal bubbles.  Another high-tech design feature is underwater fiber-optic lights. These create a special ambience for nighttime swimming and poolside entertainment. Finally, there are water features, such as hot pools and waterfalls for a spa-like touch. Also, there are plenty of options in the market such as fiberglass liners and concrete. Even an in-ground swimming pool vinyl liner should be considered since it is an increasingly popular cost-effective choice.

For care and maintenance, an automatic cleaning system is a great option. Some systems use water pressure to force water through the pool jets at predetermined cycles. This creates a sweeping action across the surface of the pool, and drives debris and sediment around the perimeter of the pool towards the exit drain. If you opt for an in-ground swimming pool vinyl liner, get a quality, super strong one that comes with a warranty. A liner that is 20-mil thick or more and made from 100% virgin vinyl will be durable and long lasting. You ought to make sure that it has a special coating to protect it against breakdown from UV rays, pool water chemicals, bacteria, and algae.

Owning a swimming pool comes with a lot of effort, commitment and resources towards its upkeep. As per top interior decorators in Lahore, it is a popular demand for 2021 homes in the construction industry. With this trend in vogue, all homeowners must have some vestige of knowledge about the materials used in, as well as the installation requisites for swimming pool construction. Make use of this article for getting a know-how of these essentials, and stay tuned to the blog for some interesting content on indoor pools as well!