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who we are?

AAA was founded by Mr. Amer Adnan. He’s built a team.

Amer Adnan Associates is an award-winning, multidimensional architecture, interior design, and construction management firm in Pakistan. Our customer-centric philosophy ensures a unique approach to each project based on the client's expectations. Our strength lies in our experience and knowledge gained through countless different projects.

. With an eye for functional details and aesthetic sensibility, we achieve perfection in all of our projects. Over the years, Amer has built a team of professionals that are experts in their craft. Our architects, interior designers, construction managers, and the entire staff are highly qualified and experienced.

what we do?

We create Technology-oriented spaces for our clients.

From design to finishing, we do it all! Be it a residential or a commercial project, we strive for perfection and innovation in both. We design holistic living spaces and convert them into a reality that is meant to last. Our team of contemporary and heritage architects in Pakistan specializes in designing exterior spaces, landscapes, facades, and floor plans with a vision to integrate the location's natural resources with the design.

Our interior designers in Pakistan are experts in creating spaces tuned to the personalized needs and tastes of the inhabitants with designs that inspire, evoke well-being & reflect individuality. We are also known to be one of the best construction companies in Pakistan. As a construction management firm, we strive to build exactly what is in the designs with a clear focus on the structure's sustainability, strength, and durability.


Every project undertaken is ensured to be cost and energy.

At Amer Adnan Associates, we have developed a detailed process to provide the most wholesome experience to our clients. Everything starts with the initial in which we try to understand the requirements of our clients. This gives us an insight into their needs and a chance to explain how we can provide them with the best value for their money. From here on until the project's accomplishment, we ensure complete transparency in everything.

Our clients are always at the forefront of the decision-making to provide them with complete freedom in choosing vendors. Our project managers, architects, interior designers, and even our CEO remain in close contact with the clients. We take responsibility and make sure that our clients remain up-to-date on their project details. Through constant communication, innovation, and planning, we deliver our clients the home of their dreams.

Why Amer Adnan Associates?


Amer Adnan is the founder and CEO of AAA Design Studio LLC & Amer Adnan Associates. With over a decade of experience as an executive director, and managing a diverse team of design professionals, Amer has been able to establish and direct the company into being recognized as one of the leading architecture firms in South Asia.
Amer’s team has successfully completed over a hundred residential and commercial design-based projects all over South Asia, and in recognition of his successes was a recipient of the Asia Pacific Property Awards and in 2016 was selected as one of the Top 100 Performing CEOs, Leaders, and Companies of Pakistan, by the CEO Club.
Prior to the establishment of Amer Adnan Associates, Amer was the Managing Director at Credit Suisse, a global financial services company, headquartered in Zurich. His experience in asset management and the private banking sector, allowed him to mold Amer Adnan Associates and its workplace culture into a vibrant hub of creativity, that promotes the amalgamation of different perspectives and ideas, while simultaneously emphasizing on the need for client satisfaction.

We design for the present with an awareness of the customer's desires while keeping in mind the necessary practical elements - beautiful and useful.

Amer Adnan

Cheif Executive Officer, Amer Adnan Associates

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